plywood manufacturing Industry Development

Since the reform and opening up, China’s real estate industry continues to develop, due to the correlation between the building materials , furniture industry and real estate, building materials and furniture industry in the country is also developing rapidly. At the same time, this situation also formed a huge market demand for plywood, promoting the rapid growth of plywood. Plywood industry groups quietly formed, changed China’s plywood production structure, production enterprises from the forest area to the coastal cities, so that small and medium-sized enterprises to develop into the mainstream of China’s plywood production. Since entering the 21st century, in the case of basically fulfill the domestic market demand, the production enterprises have to expand the foreign market. Domestic plywood competitiveness in the international market has been enhanced, market share gradually expanded. China’s rapid economic development, to promote the growth of plywood market demand for strong young traction, a large number of timber into the market as well as foreign high-quality broadleaf timber continue to supplement, promote the development of the plywood industry; and, adequate human resources is an important and indispensable factor. The growing industrial demand has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the industrialized production of plywood in China. With the stable development of China’s furniture, building, car and ship manufacturing and packaging industries and plywood applications and international markets continue to expand, At the same time, under the active promotion of the policy of expanding domestic demand in the country, the scale of infrastructure construction has been expanded and the development of the central and western areas has been strengthened. With automation, scale, industrial clustering of plywood production will have a broad market and development prospects, will gradually occupy a larger proportion of the wood-based board market share. Welcome to order from this side!

Post time: Sep-07-2023