Ukey team Building—— A trip to Taishan Mountain

In order to further enhance the cohesion, strength and centripetal force of young workers, enrich the free time cultural life of young workers, and better stimulate the passion of young workers, our company has organized and carried out the team-building in Taishan We are very grateful to every colleague for their contribution and enthusiastic participation in the activity, which made the activity full of laughter, unity and friendship.Team-building is like dragon boat races, we need to work together in order to reach the other side of the successful shore. In this activity, we all cooperate with each other, complete the task together, not only strengthen the communication and understanding between each other, but also enhance the team cohesion and sense of cooperation. Team members help and give support to each other, we work together, and show the toughness and spirit of hard work in the face of difficulties.A successful team is made up of a group of people who are not afraid of failure, full of confidence and work together. As long as we have faith in our hearts and strength in our feet, we can work together on the road to success. In the team, we need to say not only “I”, but also care about others, establish good communication and share experience. Only when we work together, we can make the company have better development and personal growth.The success of every team needs the dedication and hard work of every member, so let’s give our heartfelt wishes to ourselves together. We hope that we can continue to maintain the unity and cooperation, positive attitude in the future work, and jointly contribute to the development of the company. Let’s celebrate the successful conclusion of this activity together and believe that we will be better and better in the future!

Post time: Sep-07-2023