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Film faced plywood is a special type of plywood coated on both sides with a wear-resistant, waterproof film. The purpose of the film is to protect the wood from bad environmental conditions and to extend the service life of the plywood. The film is a kind of paper soaked in phenolic resin, to be dried to a certain degree of curing after the formation. The film paper has a smooth surface and is characterized by waterproof wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

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Film faced plywood is a layer of laminated paper on high-quality artificial boards, laminated paper and artificial boards formed by hot pressing of the construction of laminated templates. Film faced plywood is mainly composed of a variety of core materials such as poplar, eucalyptus, finger joint and so on. It can also be produced in a variety of colors such as black, brown, green and red. It is mainly used for concrete pouring, such as walls of houses, prefabricated beams, bridge piers, and can be reused by taking down the formwork after the concrete has cured. Therefore, Film faced plywood has good durability and stain resistance, and superior UV protection. Construction with film faced board makes the surface of cement mold smoother, which can be better released and avoid secondary dusting. The use of film faced plywood can speed up the progress of building construction, improve the quality of production, reduce the cost of the project and implement civilized construction.

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Film faced plywood are now widely used in construction. Film faced plywood core selection of multi-layer solid wood, layer by layer reinforcement, the structure is more stable. The size is usually selected 1220mm * 2440mm * 18mm. Film faced plywood is pressed by high temperature and high pressure, after two scraping, two sanding, three pressure, flat surface, dense structure, high strength, good toughness, static bending strength is more than twice the strength of wood. The surface of the film board adopts imported film-laminated paper machined by precision machinery, featuring high smoothness, good flatness, easy demolding, and smooth surface of the concrete after demolition. The maximum width of the film board is 2440×1220mm, which reduces the number of joints, is light in weight, easy to saw and cut, easy to nail and knot, has good construction performance, and can be made into various kinds of shaped boards with high construction efficiency.

Secondly, the water resistance of the film faced plywood is strong, the production of phenolic resin is bonded by hot pressing, high adhesive strength, boiled for 8 hours without opening, it is difficult to deform the panel in the process of concrete maintenance. Moreover, the number of times of reuse of film faced plywood is higher than that of general building formwork, and the coefficient of thermal conductivity is much smaller than that of steel formwork, which is conducive to high temperature in summer and construction in winter.
In addition, the use of film faced plywood is wide, it can be applied to the horizontal formwork of high-rise buildings, shear walls, vertical wall panels, viaducts, overpasses, tunnels and beam and column formwork. The use of film faced plywood can speed up the progress of building construction, improve the quality of production, reduce the cost of the project and implement civilized construction, so film faced plywood is more and more loved by construction engineers.

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Film faced plywood

Product name Film faced plywood/marine plywood
Specification 915*2135mm,1220*2440mm,1250*2500mmas customer request
Thickness 8-30mm
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.5mm-----+/-1.0mm
Face/Back Black, brown, red, anti-slip
Grade First grade
Core Poplar, hardwood, birch, combi, pine, agathis, pencil-cedar, bleached poplar and so on.
Glue WBP-phenolic, WBP-melamine, MR
Moisture content 8-13%
Certification CARB,CE,ISO9001
Quantity 8 pallets/20ft, 16 pallets/40ft,18 pallets/40HQ
package Inner plastic bags, outer three-ply or paper-box, wrapped with steel tapes by 4*8*2 lines for reinforce.
Price term FOB,CNF,CIF,EXW
Payment T/T, 100% L/CT/T&L/C mixed.
Delivery time Within 15-20 days upon the receipt of 30%T/T deposit or L/C at sight
Usages Can be widely used in construction industry and other industry.
Supply ability 10000pieces/day
Remarks Top class equipment with top class produce technique; Credit first, fair trading!

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