Various Thickness Plain Mdf For Furniture

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MDF is known as Medium Density Fiberboard, also called is fiberboard. MDF is wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, through the fiber equipment, applying synthetic resins, in the heating and pressure conditions, pressed into the board. According to its density can be divided into high density fiberboard, medium density fiberboard and low density fiberboard. The density of MDF fiberboard ranges from 650Kg/m³ – 800Kg/m³ . With good properties, such as, acid& alkali resistant, heat resistant, easy fabricability, anti-static, easy cleaning, long-lasting and no seasonal effect.

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MDF is easy to process for finishing. All kinds of paints and lacquers can be evenly coated on MDF, which is the preferred substrate for paint effects. MDF is also a beautiful decorative sheet. All kinds of wood veneer, printed paper, PVC, adhesive paper film, melamine impregnated paper and light metal sheet and other materials can be in the MDF of the surface of the board for finishing.

MDF (2)
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MDF is mainly used for laminate wood flooring, door panels, furniture, etc. due to its uniform structure, fine material, stable performance, impact resistance and easy processing. MDF is mainly used in home decoration for the surface treatment of oil mixing process. MDF is generally used to make furniture, high density board density is too high, easy to crack, often used to do indoor and outdoor decoration, office and civilian furniture, audio, vehicle interior decoration or wall panels, partitions and other production materials. MDF has excellent physical properties, uniform material and no dehydration problems. Moreover, MDF sound insulation, with good flatness, standard size, firm edges. So it is often used in many building decoration projects.

Product parameter

Grade E0       E1       E2       CARB P2
Thickness 2.5-25mm
Size a) Normal: 4 x 8' (1,220mm x 2,440mm)

6 x 12' (1,830mm x 3,660mm)

  b) Big: 4 x 9' (1,220mm x 2,745mm),
       5 x 8 ' (1,525mm x 2,440mm), 5 x 9'(1,525mm x 2,745mm),
       6 x 8' (1,830mm x 2,440mm), 6 x 9' (1,830mm x 2,745mm),
       7 x 8' (2,135mm x 2,440mm), 7 x 9' (2,135mm x 2,745mm),
       8 x 8' (2,440mm x 2,440mm), 8 x 9' (2,440mm x 2,745mm
   2800 x 1220/1525/1830/2135/2440mm

4100 x 1220/1525/1830/2135/2440mm

Texture Panel Board with Pine and Hard Wood Fiber as raw material
Type Normal, Moisture-proof, Water-proof
Certificate FSC-COC, ISO14001, CARB P1 and P2, QAC, TÜVRheinland

Formaldehyde Release

E0 ≤0.5 mg/l (By dryer test)
E1 ≤9.0mg/100g (By perforation)
E2 ≤30mg/100g (By perforation)

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