• Excellent Quality OSB Particle Board Decoration Chipboard

    Excellent Quality OSB Particle Board Decoration Chipboard

    Oriented strand board is a kind of particle board. The board is divided into five-layer structure, in the particle lay-up molding, the upper and lower two surface layers of the oriented particle board will be mixed with glue particle according to the fiber direction of the longitudinal arrangement, and the core layer of particles arranged horizontally, forming a three-layer structure of the embryo board, and then hot-pressing to make the oriented particle board. The shape of this type of particleboard requires a larger length and width, while the thickness is slightly thicker than that of ordinary particleboard. The methods of oriented lay-up are mechanical orientation and electrostatic orientation. The former applies to large particle oriented paving, the latter applies to fine particle oriented paving. The directional lay-up of oriented particleboard makes it characterized by high strength in a certain direction, and it is often used instead of plywood as structural material.